Episode 76 - The 2020 Worlds Mega Show!


Episode 76 - The 2020 Worlds Mega Show!


Recorded on: September 18th-22nd, 2020


We wanted to do something special for Worlds so we put together a who's who of the LOL DFS, betting, and analyst community to collect our thoughts as we head into everyone's favorite time of the year!


This took a lot of work and I'd like to thank everyone for contributing their time and thoughts!


The Gold Card Podcast finally has it's own Twitter handle! @GoldCardPodcast


Guests in order of appearance


@LeagueOfItems Mike is active on Twitter and Youtube under the same name


Allen Heffelfinger can be found on Twitter @LCSPicks and as a writer at LineMovement.com


James McCool @PayDirt_DFS creates models for all sports at PayDirt DFS and also writes at LineMovement.com


@TimSevenhuysen is the Founder of OraclesElixir.com and is the Head of Data Science at EsportsOne.com


Lewis Smith @E1Lew contributes to EsportsOne.com and hosts 'E1 Fantasy The Lock-In Podcast'


 Xing Li can be found on Twitter @XingTheLi and as a contributor at DOTeSports.com


Jason Malmanger @Mr_Malmanger writes LOL DFS articles over at RotoBaller


Kalvin Thongchamleunsouk @RulerrSama is a LOL DFS writer over at RotoWire






00:01:37 - Mike @LeagueOfItems 


00:30:51 - Allen Heffelfinger @LCSPicks


00:52:32 - James McCool @PayDirt_DFS


01:18:17 - Tim Sevenhuysen


01:47:23 - Lewis Smith @E1Lew


02:12:50 - Xing Li @XingTheLi


02:35:14 - Jason Malmanger @Mr_Malmanger


02:58:30 - Kalvin Thongchamleunsouk @RulerrSama


03:37:06 - The Gold Card Podcast Usuals



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Vince C @GelatiLOL


John George @TheEsportsPlug


Chris C @Prim3LoL 


Joshua Roberts @RobertsNumber49



The opening theme is "Clouds" by Harvey and the Hendersons (Instagram)(Facebook)



The closing theme is "Wasp in a Hat"  by The Tea Club (Facebook)

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